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This website is the property of i: a woman: Susannah-Kay: Rudkin; All rights reserved;


i: a woman: Susannah-Kay: Rudkin, operate exclusively in the private domain;


All who compensate i, for the guidance, knowledge, support and time of i, agree to do so as a man or woman;

Any information you provide, you do so in the private; i, consider the information you provide as your property; i, will respect your property and keep it private; i, do not store your information online; i, do not store credit or debit card numbers;

You can request a copy of any information that i, hold on you; You can also request that i, delete your information;

Those of mankind who attend any online or offline meetings/events offered by i, are responsible for their own circumstances, thoughts, words and/or feelings, and are responsible for any interpretation and/or application from any guidance they receive while in attendance, and agree not to attempt to make i, or any others of mankind who are also in attendance responsible for said circumstances, thoughts, words, feelings, interpretations and/or applications;

All 1-1 meetings and/or events which are recorded remain private; Recordings are kept for 6 months before being permanently deleted; Some group sessions may be recorded and/or shared for educational purposes, but only with the prior consent of all of mankind in attendance;

You agree to allow information to be placed on the hard drive of your computer in the form of 'cookies', which you can remove or decline at any time;

Questions in regard to this agreement can be emailed to

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