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How do relationships help us to learn, grow, evolve and thrive?

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Imagine for a moment that you are the only consciousness in the whole multi-verse… that there is only you. Nobody else, nothing else… just YOU. Take a few moments to really imagine that, to fully feel that. Now, ask yourself, “How could I possibly know myself?”

The unshakeable certainty of your answer may surprise you... you couldn’t, in fact it would be impossible, because it takes Other to know Self. What we can deduce from this simple yet profound discovery, is that all relationships are ‘mirrors’ for self-exploration, since each one contains the powerful potential to uniquely reflect those aspects of ourselves which would otherwise likely never be seen, known or realised.

Throughout a ten year career in private practice as an Integrative Counsellor, I would respectfully invite my clients to look into the ‘mirror’ of our relationship and in their courage and willingness to do so, time and again, I would feel humbled and privileged to witness their profound insights and powerful shifts in consciousness. By exploring their reflection in a safe and boundaried space, my clients were empowered to free themselves from thoughts, beliefs and patterns of behaviour that had been limiting them, keeping them stuck, or causing them distress.

If what is discovered in the mirror is recognised as no longer serving you or perhaps holding you back from realising your truest worth and highest potential, then you absolutely have the power to change it. This is self-empowerment. This is self-leadership. The ability to consciously decide who and how want to be in every new now moment in relation to ourselves and others.

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